Mobile Apps!

Send Notifications instantly to all your app owners!!
This is the most powerful networking tool of it's day!
Let your clients/members know when new content is available immediately!

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Websites &
Mobile Websites

Our designs are all inclusive.
They fit and are scaled and proportioned
to fit all devices such as computers, tablets,
and even smart-phones!

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Live Streaming!

We offer the best live streaming prices around. Our live streaming player broadcasts and plays on all devices and is IOS ready and Android ready. You can broadcast in HD if you want and it's extremely easy to set up.

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Video Broadcasting!

We serve all your video and audio needs!
And have paved the way for you and your ministry or business!
With our online video tools you can text message your videos in seconds and they can watch your videos on their smartphones instantly!

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Mass Text Messaging!

With HISTEXTING.COM you can stay in contact with new members by texting them after they visit, inviting them back, or encouraging them to stay in contact and stay connected. You can send them links to your website, your video sermons from HISVISION.COM, your blogs, or even your facebook account.

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Messages play on all Smartphones, Tablets and Computer Browsers

With so many devices and so many browser types, making videos play on all devices and all platforms is a very complex technological feat. But with HISVISION.COM we guarantee your videos will have 100% viewing rate.

Share your sermons around the world!!!

With HISVISION.COM, you can text-message your sermons, and share them quickly on all devices and social platforms. Your videos play right on the facebook wall!

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HisVision is in the SERVING business and we are here to serve your needs. We offer a variety of POWERFUL ONLINE and MOBILE tools that your ministry needs in order to stay in contact with your members. We believe in staying connected and continuously reaching out as well as continuously pulling in. We are here to serve you in the area of all online, mobile, and A/V tools.

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